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Decorate your space with a unique custom mirror

Decorate your home or office with a customized mirror from Geneva Glass Center! Our talented team will help you plan your design, right down to the cuts of edges. If you've got a logo to display, we can incorporate that into your design, too! The possibilities are endless. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on custom mirror design.

Elegant custom mirrors for home or office

• Mirror design and installation

• Custom edgework

• Custom cuts: 1/8" or 1/4" glass

Design your own table top

Not only can Geneva Glass Center create custom mirrors for your home or business, we can also design and fabricate custom table tops! Turn to Geneva Glass Center to create a one-of-a-kind table or desk that will suit the style and functionality you want.

Custom-made table tops

• Custom cuts

• Custom edgework

• Cutouts for wires

• Cutouts for outlets

• Glass shelves

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